AI & Creativity April 25th

Presented by FYI and AI LA

Hey there!

AI LA is proud to be kicking off a series of events with FYI,’s tech platform that gives creatives the dedicated collaboration tool they deserve, by providing a secure platform that helps your team to Focus Your Ideas. 

The series will cover topics on creativity, Hollywood, music, fashion, intellectual property, prompt engineering, and much more.

Join us on April 25th at the FYI Campus in Hollywood for an interactive event that offers a comprehensive look at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and human ingenuity, delving into how AI can enhance and augment our creative capacities. Experts in the field will share insights into the current state of this synergy and discuss potential implications for various artistic sectors.


  1. Introduce participants to the concept of blending AI with human creativity

  2. Examine the role of AI in amplifying and enriching creative processes

  3. Present an overview of the current landscape and future potential of this dynamic collaboration across diverse artistic industries

Panelists: X. Eye, Global Strategy Lead, GoogleBei Yang, Director, XR Graphics, MetaSeth Pyrzynski, Founder AI/CCJenny Rodenhouse, Associate Professor, Faculty Director of Immersion Lab, ArtCenter College of Design

Moderator: Rachel Joy Victor, Strategist, Designer, Worldbuilder

Join us in person or virtually for our fourth annual Earth Summit at BioscienceLA on April 20th!

Focusing on Los Angeles' carbon footprint, we will discuss the urgent need for climate solutions and the potential impact on our city's future. During the reception, our audience can participate in a partner resourcing exercise and collaborate on innovative ideas for climate solutions. You’ll get to engage with like-minded individuals and expand your network while enjoying refreshments and interactive whiteboard sessions.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners for making this year special: NGUYEN TARBET, Starburst Aerospace Accelerator, LAVA, BioscienceLA, Vice City Ventures, Nuleep, and LA County’s Chief Sustainability Office.