AI and the Creator Economy 10/24

The Rise of AI-Assisted Creation

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​In partnership with FYI and Underscore Talent, we are excited to host an event on how AI is reshaping expression, content, and entrepreneurship in the Creator Economy. With AI tools in play, creators are unlocking new potentials and reimagining their role in the digital landscape.

​Dive into two captivating discussions exploring the dynamic interplay between AI and the Creator Economy. Join a unique blend of creators, tech pioneers, and AI aficionados as we unpack the transformative impact of merging creativity with advanced technology.

​You'll gain actionable insights to supercharge your creativity and scale your business!

PANEL 1: Creator Tools and Scaling Your Business

​Moderator: Ben Relles, Content Strategy, Office of Reid Hoffman


Shelby Ward, Co-Founder, Curious Refuge Spencer Sterling, ML Technical Artist, RunwayConrad Curtis, Co-Founder, Virtual Production PartnersFaith 'Aya' Umoh, Founder & AI Artist, Creative Aya

Following the panel discussion, we will have a fireside chat with Poppy & Vince Lynch and some special guests.

Poppy is a multimedia artist and viral phenomenon known for her unique blend of death metal and bubblegum pop music, her enigmatic internet persona, and her commitment to artistic freedom and experimentation. She has a significant influence on her fans through her exploration of AI themes in her music and persona, often posing as an AI character herself. This has led to a broad fanbase, ranging from children emulating her doll-like mannerisms to adults fascinated by the ASMR qualities of her voice.

Poppy will also have a preview of their new album, Zig.

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Welcome to the first virtual AI Jam Session. We are experimenting with a new type of virtual competition, dare I say create-AI-thon...

​We want you to dream big and visualize the future you desire. If you can't visualize it, you can't create it!

​We welcome AI enthusiasts and artists to collaborate, using generative AI platforms to imagine and create digital art. Winners will be showcased in the FYI app and could have a chance to collab with

​Please download the FYI.AI in the App Store and await further instructions. We will provide more information on how to compete on 10/24.


This Friday, October 20th for AI, Tech, Media, Sustainability, AEC, and Space! 

Join the music video makers of Black Pink, the editors of Everything Everywhere All at Once, the VCs of climate, space, AI tech, Disney, Sony, AC Martin, HOK, and other top studios in roundtable discussions and workshops at the USC Coliseum. Learn and network with top leadership in tech, venture capital, entrepreneurship, gov, music, content creation, designers, architects, contractors, and business professionals that are building Los Angeles's next generation of leaders and top jobs. Visit The Innovation and Creators Hall that will house media, AI, e-mobility, and cleantech! With LA26 and LA28 approaching, we're hosting discussions and networking on October 20th at 8:30AM at the USC Coliseum. 

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