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Earth Summit 2021 - April 15-16th

We have over 40 speakers worldwide who will focus on illuminating and inspiring groundbreaking ideas for protecting our planet and the people, plants, and animals that call it home. Featuring a diverse and star-studded cast of founders, researchers, professors, investors, and policymakers who are charting paths forward at the intersection of AI and sustainability. Earth Summit will provide you the opportunity to learn from and engage with leaders in these domains.

Participate in topics ranging from ecology, biodiversity, and conservation, monitoring wildfires in California, the smart grid, sustainable transportation, the path to Net Zero, protecting our oceans and coastal communities, healthy and equitable communities, AI in agriculture, citizen science, and looking to Africa for inspiration.

Our Special Interest Group meets once a month (virtually) to discuss a topic related to AI. Everyone is welcome!

Our discussion during March’s virtual meeting led us down a path surrounding access to education and personalized education at scale. We’ll be exploring three pieces of content for April’s meeting.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 26th, 2021, at 7 pm PT

🚨 To get the Zoom link, here. 🚨

🗣 We will be discussing the movies "If You Build It" and "Resolved" and one TED Talk

The documentary "If You Build It" (2013) tells the story of two designer activists who led an experimental, educational program in one of the poorest counties in North Carolina.

The documentary "Resolved" (2007) discusses the problem of racial bias in American schools. The movie won the Best Documentary award at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2007.

The Sugata Mitra's TED Talk, "Kids can teach themselves" (2007), describing the Hole in the Wall project, where kids were encouraged to teach their own peers.

Where to Watch

You can stream the documentaries from the Amazon platform

You can watch the TED Talk from the official TED Talk website

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