AI LA January 2023

Events and more ways you can get involved in your community!

Happy New Year!

My mom likes to say ‘when it rains, it pours’ and wow is it pouring here in LA literally and figuratively!!

AI LA has been getting many inbound requests to co-brand events and to help facilitate introductions for investments and new hires. To become a better matchmaker and to streamline this process, I have created the following forms to capture your interests (scroll down). 👇👇👇

2023 will be the year we all learn how to do more with less, powered by AI. It seems investors, entrepreneurs, and consumers have all caught the ‘gen AI’ bug, and there’s no going back.

In a recent TechCrunch article, they interviewed Paul Kedrosky, an economist, VC, and MIT fellow who described ChatGPT as a “virus that has been released into the wild”. I’d say this is a great analogy because now, more than ever, AI Governance and digital trust will become paramount in our society’s town squares. Our government, education, and legal systems will have difficulty catching up with all the rapid innovations, and misusing these technologies could lead us to the dystopian tale of Idiocracy.

In June we will be hosting our 6th annual Responsible AI Symposium to convene our community members and invited guests to explore what we can do together, to improve the benefits of AI while reducing its harms, negative impacts, and risk. Please reach out if you’d be interested in supporting this event.

The New Age of Art & AI

Join AI LA and Vice City Ventures on Thursday, January 26th, for an AI art showcase, panel discussion, live prompting competition, and networking at Expert Dojo in Santa Monica.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in showcasing an AI art project or demoing AI creative tools.

Confirmed PanelistsDon Allen Stevenson, XR Creator and AI EducatorFaith 'Aya' Umoh, Founder & AI Artist @ Creative AyaPaul Trillo, Director @ Trillo FilmsTaryn Southern, BCI, AI, VR. Storyteller, Investor, Speaker & Creative Director

ModeratorLawrence Mansour, CEO at EZ-AD


Are you building an AI company? We are curating intimate dinners and happy hours with local investors, so make yourself known via this link. Our next invite-only dinner will be in mid-February with Wonder Ventures.


Investing in AI? You can make yourself known through this link. We are open to hosting dinners and happy hours where you are responsible for getting sponsorship.


We support workforce development by facilitating opportunities that resonate with the talent we help cultivate. Are you looking for your next role? Perhaps, trying to hire an experienced data scientist? Offering consulting services? We can help you find the perfect match within our community!

Special Interest Groups

We are bringing back our regular Meetups, where community members like yourself can self-organize a virtual and/or in-person event. AI LA will be your marketing/outreach platform and potential sponsor.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering with AI LA and would like to become an ambassador to lead a special interest group focused on a specific industry or application of AI. Host a talk at your office, and we’ll help promote it!

Beyond National Strategies: Artificial Intelligence in Mexico and California

Join us virtually on January 19th at 11 am PST with the Pacific Council on International Policy for a wide-ranging discussion with AI leaders in California and Mexico. Hear the inside story on the creation of Latin America’s first national AI policy: what worked, what went wrong, and where the policy stands now. We’ll also explore the global discussion around “responsible AI” and ethics, international policy on AI, and how the U.S. and Mexico are and will continue to collaborate as work on AI continues forward.

AI LA member, Dr. Carlos Ignacio Gutierrez will share his perspective based on his experience as an AI Policy Researcher and UN Representative with the Future of Life Institute, OECD.AI, IEEE, and Open Loop.