AI LA June 2023 Events

LA Tech Week is just around the corner!

Hey there!

Last week we hosted the first AI on the Lot summit to help educate Hollywood on how AI will influence different aspects of the entertainment industry. With over 800 people interested in attending, we could only accept 500. Trust me, even my parents were angry they didn’t get approved!

The overall consensus was that AI should be considered a tool for productivity and creativity. AI is not creative on its own but can be considered as a ‘co-pilot’ to help us conduct research, explore new ideas and concepts, and it can alleviate the mundane tasks in our lives, like rotoscoping for VFX artists. More to be discussed in a blog…

We will be sharing the recordings and insights in the next few days. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notified.

We all fear what we don’t understand, so for the last 7 years AI LA has been convening regularly to help educate and inform the public on how AI impacts our personal and professional lives. We are excited to host two events during LA Tech Week and our sixth annual Responsible AI Symposium at LMU on June 15th.

​Moderator: Sarah Stevenson, Founder UNSEEN

​Panelists:Parag Mital, CTO and Head of Research at HyperSurfaces and Chief AI Scientist at Never Before Heard SoundsK Allado-McDowell, author, co-founder Artists + Machine Intelligence at Google Arts &, Founder & CEO FYI, Black Eyed PeasMatthew Adell, CO-Founder & COO,

Join us for our Generative AI Virtual Worlds Hackathon to design and develop a virtual world using generative AI tools that feature an engaging narrative and stunning visual art with the theme ‘Heroes and Villains.’ We have over $10k worth of prizes and a bunch of different tools and platforms to experiment with.

Join us for our sixth annual Responsible AI Symposium, a dynamic gathering of leaders, researchers, technologists, and thinkers at the forefront of AI. This interactive forum offers an enriching opportunity to delve into critical discussions around the growing implications of AI on society.

Join our friends at LMU who are hosting two events during LA Tech Week:

AI and Web3: The Disruptive Technologies Transforming Hollywood, LA #TechWeek + Happy Hour Reception

AI and Web3 have caused a firestorm of debate within the entertainment industry. As with all transformative technologies that promise new ways of working, people have strong opinions about AI and Web3. This panel gathers key stakeholders -- VC, talent,  studio, writers - for a candid discussion of the role of these emerging technologies will play in the entertainment industry from empowering a new generation of creators to launching fresh entertainment IP, and more.

AI in Pediatric Care: Innovations, Opportunities, and Risks with Generative AI - LA #TechWeek

​Join us for an enlightening discussion with a panel of pediatric care leaders and innovators as they delve into the opportunities and risks associated with leveraging artificial intelligence in pediatric medical and mental health care, including the rapidly evolving applications of generative AI: ChatGPT, AI Agents, LLMs for different aspects of care …. Our panelists will explore the potential of AI in diagnosis, treatment, and overall healthcare delivery for children, while addressing the ethical and practical challenges that come with its implementation. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with leaders at the forefront of pediatric care innovation!