AI LA March 2021 Newsletter

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Join us this Friday, March 26th for an afternoon filled with interactive breakouts and panel discussions with Google, Microsoft, USC, and PledgeLA.

  • Keynote by Jen Gennai, Head of Responsible Innovation at Google.

  • Two interactive breakout sessions led by Apollo, B-Stem Project, USC, and PledgeLA.

  • Join members of the AI Platform organization at Microsoft as they share perspectives on work their teams are driving to influence AI for the better and how they show up as leaders to impact that work.  In this session, we will explore together how to move from a place of learning about D&I concepts to a place of identifying how we, as individuals, can lean into our personal power and make a difference in diversity & inclusion efforts.  

Moderator: Kiesha Garrison, Director of Communications & Culture Programs


  • Sarah Bird – Principal Program Manager, Responsible AI

  • Widad Machmouchi – Principal Data Scientist Manager, Experimentation

  • Marieke Iwema - Principal Design Manager - Conversational AI

  • Thomas Jimma – Partner Engineering Manager, Azure Machine Learning

We have scheduled plenty of time to network with attendees and speakers!

Tonight, 3/23 at 6pm pacific join us on the Clubhouse app for an open forum conversation with speakers from around the world on: “Will AI really help?”

On the last Monday of each month we meet virtually to discuss a topic. This month’s discussion is a part of our wider discussion on AI ethics, Fake News and responsible machine learning algorithms led by theoretical physicist and AI researcher at USC, Dr. Marcin Abram.

Please watch the movie: "Agents of Chaos" on HBO Max.

Agents of Chaos discusses the Russian involvement in the 2016 US election. It features interviews with insiders from the Russian Troll Factory in St. Petersburg (officially known as the Internet Research Agency).