AI LA March 2023

Hey there!

Rain, rain, go away, Let AI come out and play, It can make our lives better every day, So, rain, rain, go away. - written by ChatGPT 🤖

Last month we were fortunate to work with our amazing partners PMA.LA, Product Hang, Vice City Ventures, AE.Studio, and Honey by Paypal to host a SOLD OUT event on Leveraging ChatGPT & LLMs in the Digital Age.

Before our event, we facilitated a 4-hour no-code AI bootcamp with Don Allen Stevenson III at the Boyle Heights Tech Center. During the bootcamp, students learned how to use DALL-E, ChatGPT, and Uberduck to create lyrics and a song with album artwork. Everyone was blown away by how they could use these free web-based AI tools, but it was important to us that they understood that 'with great power comes great responsibility!'Needless to say, we still have plenty of work to do!Our goal behind this bootcamp was to expose youth to these powerful AI tools and how they can use them ethically, so they are not left behind in the AI revolution.

SAVE THE DATE: April 20th Earth Summit

We will be hosting our fourth annual Earth Summit at BioscienceLA on April 20th, as the flagship event for SoCal Climate Tech Week. More information will be released later this month.

March 18th: LMU Innovation Symposium Disruptive Technologies and Education

A computer generated image of a robot in a classroom.

AI LA member Joel Walsh, Ph.D. will be speaking at Loyola Marymount University's second annual Innovation Symposium: Disruptive Technologies and Education on March 18th. The symposium brings together industry and academic experts from multiple disciplines to discuss how innovations in technology, education, and ethical decision-making have an impact on people, planet and profit. 


Are you building an AI company? We curate intimate dinners and mixers with local investors, so make yourself known via this link.


We support workforce development by facilitating opportunities that resonate with the talent we help cultivate. Are you looking for your next role? Perhaps, trying to hire an experienced data scientist? Offering consulting services? We can help you find the perfect match within our community!

Special Interest Groups

We are bringing back our regular Meetups, where community members like yourself can self-organize a virtual and/or in-person event. AI LA will be your marketing/outreach platform and potential sponsor.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering with AI LA and would like to become an ambassador to lead a special interest group focused on a specific industry or application of AI. Host a talk at your office, and we’ll help promote it!