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I’ll see you tonight at BMW DesignWorks! No tickets at the door, but grab the last few here:

Life Summit 2023

AI LA’s fifth annual Life Summit is on Thursday, October 19th at BioscienceLA, where cutting-edge healthcare meets groundbreaking innovation. As we center our dialogue on 'Public Health' this year, we invite you to delve deeper into the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Here's a sneak peek at what we have in store:

  • AI/ML with Synthetic Data Panel: Understand the nuances and possibilities when synthetic data fuels AI and ML, providing insights without compromising patient privacy.

  • Mental Health Focus: In an age where mental health is paramount, explore how AI revolutionizes diagnostics, therapy, and overall mental well-being.

  • Investor Panel: Engage with the financial wizards of healthcare, understanding the investor's perspective on the future of AI in public health.

  • Startup Showcase: Witness the unveiling of innovative health tech startups, each striving to change the face of public health with AI at its core.

  • Reception: Conclude your experience with an evening of networking, where conversations spark collaborations, and the future of public health is imagined over cocktails and canapés.

This is a hybrid event. Purchase your tickets below. Use ‘AILA’ code by clicking ‘redeem’ next to coupon when registering for 50% off.

Healthcare Startups!

We will host a startup showcase and a pitch competition on October 19th. Express your interest using this form and we will get back to you!


October 20th for AI, Tech, Media, Sustainability, AEC, and Space! 

Join the music video makers of Black Pink, the editors of Everything Everywhere All at Once, the VCs of climate, space, AI tech, Disney, Sony, AC Martin, HOK, and other top studios in roundtable discussions and workshops at the USC Coliseum. Learn and network with top leadership in tech, venture capital, entrepreneurship, gov, music, content creation, designers, architects, contractors, and business professionals that are building Los Angeles's next generation of leaders and top jobs. Visit The Innovation and Creators Hall that will house media, AI, e-mobility, and cleantech! With LA26 and LA28 approaching, we're hosting discussions and networking on October 20th at 8:30AM at the USC Coliseum. 

Tickets are $49 for Students and $199 for Professionals!

Promo Code for 15% off for AILA Members: AILA15 

We're excited to share that AI LA has joined forces with the Product Management Association of Los Angeles (PMA.LA) to present LATechConnect 2023: Where Practicality Meets AI Innovation 

LA TechConnect 2023 is a day-long conference dedicated to exploring the real-world applications of Generative AI in our daily workflows as practitioners. It's a gathering of tech enthusiasts from the vibrant Los Angeles community, and here's what's in store for you:

  • Inspiring Talks from top minds: Speakers from  AI Product Lead from Meta, a former AI scientist from Google, the CTO of CREXI, yours truly at AI LA, and more!

  • Panels and hands-on workshops: Here’s a sample of what to expect:

    • “How to go from zero to one using Generative AI as an entrepreneur”

    • “Marketing in the Age of AI: Implications of Generative Technologies”

    • "Mastering Product Management with Generative AI: Crafting Customer-Centric Products"

    • "Leadership Perspective: Aligning AI with Business Strategy and Mitigating Overhype”

  • Networking and Learning: Networking opportunities across the brightest minds of Los Angeles.

This event is all about learning, applying knowledge, and making LA a center of excellence for AI. You won't want to miss it! Early Bird tickets are available for purchase now.

Event Details:

  • What: LA TechConnect 2023: Where Practicality Meets AI Innovation

  • When: November 9, 2023

  • Where: UCLA Carnesale Commons

  • Tickets: Early Bird Tickets are available now! Register Here

Promo Code for 15% off for our members: AILA