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Hello friend! First off, big virtual hug. In this newsletter we will offer new opportunities for you to get involved in the fight against COVID-19, contribute content for upcoming events, showcase your work, and we’ll invite you to a couple virtual events hosted by our partners.

Ad-hoc Collaboration

It’s scary out there, but it’s beautiful how the innovation and science communities are working together as we go to war with this virus. The AI community is supporting researchers’ efforts by providing datasets and creating algorithms that will uncover important information and save critical time!

I have been tracking projects launched locally and globally to help with the various challenges we are facing. Teams are developing clearinghouses for medical supplies, projects, and volunteers; testing kits, vaccines, software is being repurposed or developed for supply-chain logistics, screeners, communication tools, prediction modeling, mapping, data visualizers, 3d printing personal protective equipment (PPE), sewing masks, and more…

Ad-hoc collaboration is allowing these self-organized groups to bypass old systems to address institutional and societal problems and get the job done. At this stage, it’s not about perfection, but speed and effectiveness.

Are you working on a COVID-19 related project? We would love to support you and share your story with the world!

Request for Proposals

Interested in starting a company with $50k in the next few weeks? Wefunder is looking for new ideas that can help with the current crisis, or help us become better prepared for the next one.

Apply by April 3rd: LEARN MORE HERE

We need to unleash our creativity to solve problems such as:

  • Social interaction, especially for elderly

  • Homeschooling for kids

  • Remote education tools

  • Remote collaboration

  • Remote health and home workouts

  • Safer childcare solutions

  • New approaches to vaccines & treatments

  • Medical devices

  • Distribution of supplies to those in need

  • Faster ways to produce medical supplies

  • Better ways to fund small businesses

  • Better ways to support workers in lockdown

  • Improved monitoring of illnesses & quarantines

  • Spreading patient load across hospitals

  • Improving hygiene and sanitation

  • Protective clothing

  • Telemedicine

  • Any other idea we didn’t think of that could save lives…

Crowdsourcing Teams

Let’s leverage the amazing talent and resources the AI LA community has to offer to build the next generation of great startups!

Please fill out this form, if you have an idea or if you would like to join a team. We are actively tracking global projects and competitions to make sure we are working smarter, not harder.

Over the last 3 weeks we have been supporting team Halograph at BishopAI with skilled volunteers, data, and hardware. Halograph is using artificial intelligence to learn how the virus has spread in the Los Angeles area to help civic leaders make more informed decisions about physical-distancing policy.

Virtual Events + Request for Content

It seems like it will be an eternity before we will be able to eat tacos, drink tequila, and talk about AI together in person, but we are cooking up something really fun, interactive, and rewarding for you.

Please fill out this form if you have any pre-recorded talks, which are <30 minutes in length or if you would like to record a new talk for us to showcase.

AI Education: An Economic Imperative

COVID-19 has exposed a gender and racial skill gap – a shortage of highly educated workers. Join the conversation as we discuss how to empower every student to learn and succeed in the future of work & how to democratize access to technology and education, Wed. April 8, 6PM PDT – We will also be announcing the second-annual Global Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI Challenge – a hackathon with multi-campus participation, driving social impact with the aim of tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. Register here:

Computer Vision on the Edge Webinar

alwaysAI is hosting a computer vision webinar for developers who are interested in learning more about how to create and deploy computer vision applications on edge devices. This webinar is ideal for python developers who have previous experience working with a development board such as a Raspberry Pi or a NVIDIA Jetson, and are looking to transform their business with computer vision on the edge or IOT devices. Register here.

Educating and collaborating on subjects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a wide range of stakeholders in Los Angeles. #AILA #LongLA #AIforGood

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