AI LA Upcoming Creator Events

Get pumped for LA #TechWeek and so much more...

Hey there!

Last week we hosted our fourth annual Earth Summit with an incredible lineup of speakers and a very engaging audience. You can watch our talks on our Youtube Channel if you missed it.

TONIGHT! We are hosting our first event in a series with FYI on AI & Creativity. We are about to be sold out, so if you can’t make it in person you can watch the live stream on our Youtube channel.

On May 16th, we are hosting AI on the Lot, a pioneering summit that unites independent filmmakers, showrunners, studio executives, and top AI tech companies to explore the transformative influence of Artificial Intelligence on Hollywood. This groundbreaking event will explore AI's impact on the writer's room, production, post-production, VFX, animation, and new business models. Attendees can expect thought-provoking panel discussions, AI demos, and opening remarks by Cynthia Littleton, Co-Editor-in-Chief at Variety, all aimed at fostering collaboration, innovation, and shaping the future of entertainment. ​

Hosted by: AI LA and FYI Campus, Hollywood

​Supported by: Dell, NVIDIA, HPE, Late Arrivals, AE.Studio, and EZ-AI

​Media Partner: Variety Intelligence Platform

​***Free to apply. $100 for entry***

You’ve probably been hearing about voice-generated AI tracks like ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ featuring the fake singing voices of Drake and The Weekend, or Jay Z’s ‘Savages.’ Without permission, people are experimenting and infringing on IP from influential artists showing how dangerous AI can be to creators and society.

Join us on June 6th during LA #TechWeek for AI & Music, where you’ll hear from technologists and artists about the benefits and challenges of using AI in music. 

During LA Tech Week we are hosting a Generative AI Virtual Worlds Hackathon at the LMU Playa Vista Campus, where developers, designers, and artists join forces to create immersive virtual worlds using cutting-edge generative AI tools! This exciting hackathon is designed to inspire and challenge participants to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence, visual art, and interactive storytelling.

​Unleash your creative powers and craft a virtual world filled with heroic adventures and nefarious schemes! 

​This hackathon will explore the timeless concept of heroes and villains, allowing participants to create unique experiences that captivate users and showcase the potential of generative AI.

We have limited space, so please apply below. If you’d like to mentor or sponsor please reply back to this email.