AI LA's Earth Summit April 15-16th, 2021

You are invited!

Earth to all creators, researchers, thinkers, doers, and stakeholders from the worlds of AI and sustainability!

AI LA is calling on you to join us for our annual Earth Summit to explore how one of the greatest innovations of our time, AI, can help pioneer solutions to what may be the biggest challenge of this century, climate change. 

This year’s Earth Summit will be an interactive virtual event spanning from April 15th to 16th. The event will be focused on illuminating and inspiring groundbreaking ideas for protecting our planet and the people, plants, and animals that call it home. Featuring a diverse and star-studded cast of founders, researchers, professors, and policymakers who are charting paths forward at the intersection of AI and sustainability, Earth Summit will provide you the opportunity to learn from and engage with leaders in these domains. 

At the forefront of these leaders is our keynote speaker, Gary Gero, Chief Sustainability Officer for LA County. Gero was appointed as LA County’s first-ever Chief Sustainability Officer in 2016 and previously served as the President of the Climate Action Reserve, where he now sits as Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors. These are just the most recent positions in an illustrious career devoted to climate action.

Gero’s keynote will kick off our programming, which is organized around the four basic elements—earth, fire, air, and water—each representing a building block of our planet and an avenue through which we might pursue a more sustainable future.

In addition to these four, we’ve added a fifth pillar to bring them all together: heart. Heart represents the binding and balancing of these elements for the human cause. Heart is what drives us to contribute as individuals, bringing our diverse range of perspectives and abilities to the table. As individual contributions develop into collective action, we become empowered to discover climate solutions that push technology forward and push humanity forward, creating a brighter future for us all.

Come join us at Earth Summit 2021 as we imagine how “Hello, World!” can help save our world and begin building this brighter future.

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