ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering

2/23 in downtown LA

Hey there!

The AI scene is getting out of control! Who would have thought that a casual chatbot meetup group formed in April of 2016 could grow into the 10k+ AI LA Community it is today?!

Please join us virtually or in-person next week to learn about ChatGPT and Large Language Models (LLMs) where you will walk away with some tangible takeaways of how you can become a better prompt engineer to maximize your outputs.

Leveraging ChatGPT & LLMs in the Digital Age

​Due to popular demand, we had to get a bigger venue! Special thanks to Honey by Paypal for stepping up and hosting us at their beautiful penthouse rooftop in downtown LA.

Space is limited and there are no NO WALK UPS because of the venue's security policy. SO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

​This will be a fun and educational hybrid event for all technology enthusiasts. In partnership with Product Hang, PMA.LA, AE.Studio, Vice City Ventures, and Honey by Paypal we are bringing some of the brightest AI technologists in LA together to discuss the hottest technology on the market.

​The speakers will share the following:

​• Overview of Large Language Models (LLMs) Capabilities• Examples of the best ways to leverage LLMs• Underlying technology behind LLMs• How to best structure your prompts for maximum output


Travis Corrigan, Head of Product & User Research @ Heavy Metal

​Travis Corrigan is the founder of Heavy Metal and serves as a fractional head of product for startups specializing in AI. His clientele includes startups backed by Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, NFX, Techstars, and corporate innovation groups at Beachbody, AOL, and Les Mills. Prior to Heavy Metal, Travis was a founding employee of Beachbody's Digital Division where he pioneered AI-driven interactive fitness. He's also the creator of RossGAN, a generative AI that paints like Bob Ross.

Jeff Solomon, COO @ Super Studios

​Jeff Solomon is a startup entrepreneur and 5x founder hailing from Los Angeles. Most notably, in 2004 Mr. Solomon co-founded Velocify (formerly Leads360), an enterprise SaaS sales management platform. As CEO, Jeff lead and grew the company to nearly 100 employees and $15 million in annual revenue, ultimately selling the company in 2017 for $128MM. He credits his attention to building a culture that inspired and empowered people to the company's early success.

Dr. Sara Hooker, Head of Research @ Cohere For AI (C4AI)

​Dr. Sara Hooker leads Cohere For AI, a research lab that seeks to solve complex machine learning problems and empowers cutting edge research on large language models. Before leading C4AI, Sara was a research scientist at Google Brain, with a focus on ML efficiency, hardware and algorithm co-design and reliable performance of algorithms in the wild.

Dr. Evan Coopersmith, EVP of Data Science @ AE.Studio

​Dr. Evan Coopersmith is an expert in generating data-driven insight across numerous predictive and modeling contexts. Applications include corporate data science, hydrology, precision agriculture, futures trading, infrastructure, pricing optimization, margin analytics, and sabermetrics (baseball statistics). The models developed have been published in peer-reviewed journals, deployed for personal profit, used to manage hedge fund risk, and provide decision support in the academic, government, and private sectors. In addition, Dr. Coopersmith has developed curricula to teach data science concepts to doctoral students and senior professionals.


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