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January 20th at 7pm Pacific

Happy New Year!

We are so happy to have you with us in 2022. We have big plans for this year, and to kick it off, we are hosting a virtual event on Investing in AI: Why LA is the next ‘superstar.’ 

In a recent Brookings Institution report: “The geography of AI," Los Angeles is labeled an ‘Early-Adopter’ along with 12 other metro areas. LA has a competitive advantage in developing ethical AI because of its diverse multi-ethnic population and world-renowned research institutions.

Did you know Angelenos hail from 140 countries and speak 224 languages? Thirty-five percent of the city’s residents are foreign-born, more than any other US city!

Dot.LA previously reported on how ‘early adopter’ cities like LA could help mitigate the problem of untrustworthy and biased AI technologies.

"A diverse, broadly distributed industry will likely develop fairer, more ethical products if it's developed in more places, and not just in the homogeneous Bay Area environment," said Mark Muro, senior fellow for the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings. "The homogeneity of the Bay Area AI development community is a problem. Having more research and adoption conducted in more places, and in cities with greater diversity, will be important.”

During this panel discussion, we'll explore why we see LA on its way to becoming a ‘superstar' by 2030 and a world leader in building ethical AI.

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We’ve extended the application due date to January 13th 11:59pm PT.

AI LA is offering scholarships to a Udacity nano-degree in AI Product Management. Participants will be supported by their cohort and AI LA's mentor network to help them graduate from the program within 2 months at their own pace. Graduates will have the opportunity to join a team working on a social impact project and also receive assistance in job placement.

This program is designed for those who want to take advantage of AI, but don’t want or need to learn the full technical implementation of neural networks and machine learning models.You’ll learn how to leverage AI in the business world, from scoping datasets, testing machine learning models, and crafting a proposal for a new product powered by AI. Along the way, you’ll build fluency in AI concepts.

  • ‍2-month virtual program (~10 hours per week at your own pace)

  • Udacity Nanodegree offered at no cost to participants ($800 value)

  • Hands-on, practical work experience

  • AI LA and corporate partner mentor-network

  • Lifelong alumni community and networking

Scholarships will be awarded based on your social impact vision and goals using AI for good upon completion of the program.Apply now thru January 13th 11:59 pm PT.Starts January 18th, 2022.

January 31st at 7pm PT

This month’s topic is A.I. and Decentralized Finance (DeFI).


Imge Su Cetin, Founder and CEO of Defy Trends


Lisa Yu, Managing Partner of 99 Ventures