New AI LA June Events

Hackathon, Responsible AI Symposium, AI Policy Happy Hour, GenAI Meetup, and more!

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A couple of weeks ago, we hosted AI on the Lot for the second time with the Late Arrivals (Mike & Ian). It was a SOLD OUT event with 850+ attendees all interested in learning about GenAI in the media & entertainment industry.

We garnered extensive media coverage for this event from outlets like Variety, Forbes, IndieWire, and more, and the buzz shows no signs of slowing down! Attendees and journalists walked away with valuable insights on how GenAI is revolutionizing the workplace and actionable steps to stay ahead. Mission accomplished! 🙌 

We'll be rolling out the event content on our YouTube channel over the next six weeks. Be sure to subscribe for notifications!

Here's the latest in the AI LA Community:

Upcoming Events

AI LA Responsible AI Symposium – 6/20 (Playa Vista)

​Set for June 20th, AI LA’s 7th Annual Responsible AI Symposium will navigate the ethical frontiers of artificial intelligence amid a pivotal US election year.

The symposium is a call to action, aiming to define key principles and goals for the responsible development and deployment of AI. It is a collaborative platform for imperative conversations on democracy, and the need to confront misinformation, fortify the voting processes, and ensure election integrity.

Be part of the conversation shaping the ethical framework guiding AI's impact on society.

Keynote Speaker

​Dr. Safiya U. Noble, a UCLA scholar and MacArthur Fellow, leads critical discourse on tech's societal impacts. Her acclaimed book, "Algorithms of Oppression," highlights bias in search engines. As a tech justice advocate, she pioneers research on algorithmic discrimination and champions equity in the digital age, calling for policy and structural interventions. Dr. Noble's mission extends to structural changes in AI governance, advocating for regulations to safeguard against discriminatory practices and environmental impacts while empowering individuals with greater control over their digital lives. Outside of her rich academic career, she also consults for the White House, the Office of the Vice President, the FTC, and more.

Use code AILA for 50% off the all-access ticket price. Student tickets are $10.

Film & TV Operations in the Age of AI – 6/5 (Arts District)

Join us for pizza/beer at Gridspace for an exploration of how the tools of the future are using Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to reshape the media landscape.

​Speakers include the creators of Molten Cloud, a next-generation tool for Rights, Royalties, and Content operations. Visual effects artist Jory Federighi and how his company is utilizing AI in film/television, and Machine Learning Engineer Cole Franks who will open the hood to discuss what happens behind the scenes and why we can trust an AI-assisted future.

​Come for the AI, stay for the pizza.

24 HR Multimodal Hackathon June 8-9th

Hack with us on the latest multimodal models and meet your next co-founder. Twelve Labs is offering unique data sets, food, drinks, and endless innovation opportunities!’

Twelve Labs' multimodal AI is already used by major sports leagues, film studios, and creators for intelligent video applications like asset management, post-production workflows, user engagement, and contextual advertising. This hackathon will expand the possibilities even further.


  • 1st Place: $2,500 + 100 Video Hours in Twelve Labs API credits + $10k AWS Credits + more

  • 2nd Place: $1,500 + 75 Video Hours in Twelve Labs API credits + $5k AWS Credits + more

  • 3rd Place: $1,000 + 50 Video Hours in Twelve Labs API credits + $5k AWS Credits + more

LA GenAI Meetup – 6/10 (Pasadena)

​Join us for a casual evening AI meetup in the heart of Pasadena! This friendly get-together is the perfect opportunity for GenAI enthusiasts, hobbyists, experts, and newcomers alike to connect, share insights, and learn from each other in an informal setting.

AI Policy Happy Hour – 6/13 (DTLA)

​Join us for an AI Policy happy hour in the vibrant heart of downtown LA! This unique event brings together curious minds in artificial intelligence, policy-making, and tech innovation to exchange ideas and insights.

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