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Prepare for the reality collapse as a consequence of reality generation

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Generative AI art tools, like Midjourney, DALL·E 2, and Stable Diffusion have recently gained much attention and controversy. Especially when an artist used AI to win a fine-arts competition at the Colorado State Fair! Now stock footage marketplaces like Shutterstock and Getty Images are banning AI-generated content. 

But that’s already yesterday’s news! 

Today, we are seeing Meta (Make-A-Video) and Google (Imagen Video) battle it out with their new text-to-video generators and projects like Dreamfusion are allowing you to create 3D images from 2D using text.

We are also witnessing a new meta-art marketplace for selling prompts for generating specific imagery from these generative models. Look out for “prompt engineering” as a new side hustle! 🤑

‘Prepare for the reality collapse as a consequence of reality generation…

All these generative models point to the same big thing that’s about to alter culture; everyone’s going to be able to generate their own custom and subjective aesthetic realities across text, video, music (and all three) in increasingly delightful, coherent, and lengthy ways. This form of fractal reality is a double-edged sword – everyone gets to create and live in their own fantasies that can be made arbitrarily specific, and that also means everyone loses a further grip on any sense of a shared reality. Society is moving from having a centralized sense of itself to instead highly individualized choose-your-own adventure islands, all facilitated by AI. The implications of this are vast and unknowable. Get ready.’ - Jack Clark, Import AI 304

Where do we draw the boundary between when text-to-image and other generative adversarial networks (GANs) help with an artist's creativity as opposed to being their creativity?

Join us on Wednesday, October 19th at Hero House in Glendale for a day learning about building and growing an AI Company.

AI LA will be closing out the day with a panel discussion on AI and Creativity, which will lead into a happy hour with audience participation using popular text-to-image generators like Midjourney, DALL·E 2, and Stable Diffusion.

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Elizabeth Shubov - AI Intellectual Property Law Attorney

Elizabeth Shubov has been an attorney in practice for over a decade and advises in many areas of emerging tech. She is currently working with The Artificial Inventor Project on ongoing litigation around intellectual property rights for AI-generated works and inventions and recently co-authored a paper on AI Authorship under US Copyright Law. In addition to her professional interests, she enjoys creating and collecting AI art and other generative art.

Kevin Ashley - Office of CTO, Program Manager at Microsoft

Kevin Ashley, drives AI projects at Microsoft, he's a winner of several career awards, including Microsoft CTO award in Artificial Intelligence. Author of 3 books about AI - "Art of Prompts" (2022), MAKE ART with Artificial Intelligence" (2021) - Amazon Bestseller in Neural Networks, Graphics Arts, "AI in Sports with Python" (2020), "Applied Machine Learning in Health and Fitness" (2020, Springer). AI geek, author of popular sports, fitness and gaming apps, Skype featured bots and cloud platforms such as Active Fitness and Winter Sports with 2+ million users. Passionate technical speaker, founder of several startups and ventures, including mobile, sports, fitness and cloud. Kevin is a professional ski instructor, with a lifelong history of connecting technology, artificial intelligence, arts and sports, with partners and startups in Silicon Valley and worldwide.

Mariya Vasileva - Applied Scientist at Amazon

Mariya Vasileva is an Applied Scientist at Amazon AWS working on responsible AI, explainability and fairness of machine learning models. Previously, she worked on the launch of Amazon Style - Amazon's first AI-driven physical store for retail, where she focused on visual search and retrieval for clothing, computational models of personal style, self-supervised learning, and virtual try-on. Prior to joining Amazon, Mariya received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the advisement of Prof. David Forsyth, researching applications of computer vision in the fashion domain, vision and language, and embedding learning. Outside of work, Mariya is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the machine learning community and a proud organizer of the Women in Machine Learning, Queer in AI, and Resistance AI workshops.

Innovate Pasadena Connect Week Happy Hour

Join us at iX Tapa Cantina in Pasadena on Tuesday, October 11th at 6pm to mingle with innovators on the east side of LA. Be sure to say hi to our advisor Brian Dolan (I think he wants to start a new D&D campaign)! RSVP here for the Happy Hour.

Join us on 10/20 in person at BioscienceLA or virtually on Hopin for our fourth annual Life Summit. Visit our event page to learn more about the agenda, speakers, and to register.

Dr. Natarajan will open with a talk on the state of AI in healthcare in 2022, opportunities, challenges, trends, and what to anticipate in 2023, and beyond.

Featured Panels:

  • Ethics & Equity in Healthcare: How Diversity and Human-Centered Design Improved Value-Based Care

  • Synthetic Data in Clinical Trials: What Could Go Wrong?

  • Catalyzing Collaborations with Federated Learning

  • From Population Health to Personalized Medicine: How SDoH and ML are the Keys to Better Therapeutics


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