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Pathways to Progress: Advancing AI Literacy in Education and The Workforce

Join us on August 31st at the FYI Campus

Hey there!

Our Focus Your Ideas (FYI) Series is back and we are kicking off the new school year with a topic on top of everyone’s mind.

Join us for a groundbreaking event focused on integrating and evolving AI literacy across the educational spectrum, from K-12 schools to community colleges and higher education institutions. 'Pathways to Progress' dives deep into the significance of artificial intelligence education, ensuring our next generations are primed for a future intertwined with AI.

Join educators, policymakers, industry experts, and enthusiasts as we chart the course for a future where AI literacy is not just an advantage, but a necessity.


Dr. Audra Grady Verrier, Associate Vice Provost, Career and Professional Development, LMU


Stephen Fromkin, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, TalespinSara Hooker, Head of Cohere for AIJoel Walsh, Software Engineer, Privateer Space

Use ‘AILA’ code by clicking ‘redeem’ next to coupon when registering for 50% off.

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We would love your support to host a meet-up at SXSW! With our friends at Seatd, Sarah and I will discuss the latest advances in AI, VR, and other technologies that are revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

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