Take Action, Stay Healthy!

Hey Friend! I hope you are staying healthy. We are all sharing an indelible moment in history, but we are doing our best to stay positive and use this as an opportunity to accelerate innovation.

The AI LA Community is operated by a distributed team, while we keep our finger on the pulse on how data and frontier technologies are being leveraged for social impact.

The activities we host throughout the year help nurture meaningful discussions, build deeper relationships with community members like yourself, and help us fund our 501©(3) operations.

Your health and safety is our top priority and we respect all of the hard work our healthcare professionals are doing to contain the COVID-19 virus and the advisement to not hold social gatherings.

We will be postponing all in-person events in March and we will keep you updated on our Earth Summit in April.

Earlier this year we launched an online community portal to help our members connect 24/7 virtually. This is a valuable way for our community to stay connected during this period of uncertainty. You can learn more about our membership program here.

We are proud to have members like Stanley Bishop from the ML Together group contributing to a COVID-19 tracking project started by Jeff Hammerbacher and Alexis Madrigal.

Are you working on any COVID-19 projects or want to contribute to one?

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An Opportunity to Think Differently

Pressure can burst a pipe or it can make a diamond.

While the world is experiencing a pandemic and we are restricted to virtual meetings, no travel, no school, shortage of antibacterial soaps, an oil war, a presidential election, and an economy in shambles – this is where we as a community can come together to accelerate innovation.

2020 will mark the year when new policies, technologies, and cultural norms will be developed to advance our modern civilization. Limited resources and confined restraints will only make us more resilient and mindful in our daily lives.

AI LA is in early-stages of developing a Decentralized Research Institute (DRI) in order to connect data analytic nodes across the Greater Los Angeles area to securely collaborate on projects that can benefit humanity.

This program will allow you to contribute remotely to data projects managed on the edge to solve challenges in sustainability and the life sciences.

We are piloting this initiative in Los Angeles, by working closely with the city and county to identify problems, stakeholders, and data sets to design “data challenges” that will benefit Los Angeles, with the potential for global impact.

Our “data challenges” will be similar to a hackathon, but with an emphasis on large and diverse data sets (“big data”) and the use of AI / machine learning techniques to solve problems that have previously been intractable using traditional analysis methods.

If you are a data engineer or scientist and would like to participate in our upcoming pilot program.

Stay healthy my friend!

Educating and collaborating on subjects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a wide range of stakeholders in Los Angeles. #AILA #LongLA #AIforGood

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