This Thursday AI Life Summit 2023

Agenda and Speaker Lineup Announced

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AI LA’s fifth annual Life Summit is this Thursday, October 19th at BioscienceLA and on Youtube, where cutting-edge healthcare meets groundbreaking innovation. As we center our dialogue on 'Public Health' this year, we invite you to delve deeper into the transformative power of artificial intelligence.

10:15am Keynote Andrew Ritter, CEO, Koko Home

11am Fireside Chat: AI Policy Considerations for Healthcare & Public Health

The integration of AI into healthcare and public health with well-considered ethical, legal and operational policies opens up exciting new possibilities for improving patient care, clinical outcomes, disease prevention, and system efficiency. This fireside chat delves into the world of AI policy and its implications for healthcare and public health.


Stephanie Fiore, Digital Health Policy Director, Elevance Health

Jared Goodner, Chief Technology Officer, Akido Labs 

1pm Feeding AI/ML with Synthetic Patient Data

Join us for an insightful panel discussion as we explore the transformative potential of synthetic data in healthcare AI and ML, the challenges it presents, and the path forward for harnessing its power responsibly and ethically.


Quanquan Gu, Associate Professor, UCLA Artificial General Intelligence Lab 

Lisa Lines, Senior Health Services Researcher, RTI International

Skylar Payne,  Head of Data Science, HealthRhythms 

Moderator: Spencer Ward, Portfolio Director, Elevance Health 

2pm Mental Health Innovators

Dive into a compelling discussion that explores the innovative intersection of artificial intelligence and mental health care. This enlightening conversation unites distinguished thought leaders and industry pioneers who are channeling the power of AI to revolutionize mental health solutions and care.


Carmine di Maro - Director, One Mind Accelerator

Skylar Payne - Head of Data Science, HealthRhythms 

Julien Soros, CTO and Co-founder, Flowly 

Moderator: Shira Lazar, Co-founder & Host, What’s Trending  

3:30pm Investing in the Future of Healthcare: AI-driven Innovation

Gain a deeper understanding of the investment landscape in AI healthcare from a dynamic group of investors who have been at the forefront of funding and supporting transformative AI solutions shaping the future of the healthcare sector as we know it.


Madeline Darcy, Managing Partner, Kaya Ventures  

Rohit Gupta, Managing Director, Future Communities Capital 

Thea Pham, Investor, OCV Partners 

Moderator: Dave Whelan, CEO, BioscienceLA 

4:30 pm Startup Showcase

5:30pm Reception

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