This Week: Life Summit 2020 + Free Giveaways

Hey! Starting today at 8am PT is our second annual Life Summit.

Drop in whenever you are free throughout the next 3 days. We have 18+ hours of LIVE content and plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded students and professionals working in tech, healthcare, and biotech.

Register here (with a student discount!):

(All times in Pacific Time, UTC-7)

DAY 1: REFLECT (10/13)

8:00 AM Keynote by Claire Bonaci, Microsoft Sr. Director, US Health & Life Sciences

8:15 AM Hackers without Borders

9:15 AM The Global Pivot

10:15 AM Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Delivery of Behavioral Health

11:00 AM Networking

12:00 PM BREAK

4:00 PM Keynote by Amanda Daflos , Chief Innovation Officer of City of Los Angeles

4:15 PM LA’s COVID-19 Response

5:15 PM Equity in Telehealth

6:00 PM Health Systems Stressed

7:00 PM Networking

DAY 2: RECENTER (10/14)

8:00 AM Keynote by George Tolomiczenko, Director of Medical Innovations at UC Irvine

8:15 AM Temporal Scene Understanding in Robot-assisted Surgery Using Deep Learning

8:30 AM Deep learning-enabled cellular image analysis at scale

8:45 AM Physics-Guided Deep Learning for COVID-19 Forecasting

9:00 AM Using Reinforcement Learning to Imitate Drug Discovery Experts and Accelerate Discovery

9:15 AM Better Storytelling Through Data: Lessons from the Frontlines and Backends of a Pandemic

10:00 AM Investor Roundtable

11:00 AM Networking

12:00 PM BREAK

4:00 PM Welcome

4:15 PM AI Applications in Ophthalmology

4:30 PM The Entrepreneurial Scientist

5:15 PM Vocal Biomarkers of Neuropsychological Disorders

5:30 PM AI Talk

5:45 PM Developing tools for collaborating around 3D+ biomedical imaging data

6:00 PM AI in Healthcare

7:00 PM Networking

DAY 3: REIMAGINE (10/15)

8:00 AM Keynote by Stephanie Hsieh, Executive Director at Biocom LA

8:15 AM Reimagining Cancer Treatment

9:15 AM Reimagining R&D in Labs

10:00 AM Quantified Self & AI

11:00 AM Networking

12:00 PM BREAK

4:00 PM Keynote by Vivienne Ming, Professional Mad Scientist

4:15 PM The Future of Synthetic Biology

5:15 PM Living Robots

6:05 PM Sustainable Living Systems

7:00 PM Networking


Lucky attendees will win a Biostrap EVO ($249 value) or a TaoPatch ($249 value) from our sponsors.

Visit their virtual booths to learn more!

About Biostrap

The Biostrap is a wrist-worn biometric sensor utilizing clinical-grade sensors to capture high-fidelity raw photoplethysomography (PPG) waveforms and analyzing each pulse wave for 29 parameters to ensure data integrity. In a clinical study performed at San Jose State University, researchers studying Biostrap biosensors found that “the accuracy of biometric estimates and high signal qualityindicate that the wristband photoplethysomography device is suitable for performing pulse wave analysis and measuring vital signs.

About Taopatch

Taopatch is a patented nanotechnology wearable device that combines light therapy with acupuncture. It captures your body heat and converts it into light, which it emits into specific points on your body. These photons stimulate your Central Nervous System and “remind” it how it was meant to communicate with the rest of your body.

Educating and collaborating on subjects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a wide range of stakeholders in Los Angeles. #AILA #LongLA #AIforGood

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