Upcoming AI LA May and June Events

GenAI Mixer Returns, AI on the Lot, Product Pipeline Fit, and more. Don't miss out!

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Upcoming Events

AI on the Lot – 5/16 (DTLA)

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On Thursday, May 16th, over 600 filmmakers, AI startups, technologists, and media executives will gather at the Los Angeles Center Studios lot for a one-day conference about the increasing applications of generative AI in filmmaking. The conference will educate attendees on how Generative AI is changing filmmakers’ workflows, disrupting cost structures, and enabling smaller teams to achieve more with less.

Keynote Address by Renard Jenkins, former Warner Bros. technology executive, now President and CEO of I2A2 Technologies and President of SMPTE.

Topics for discussion through panels and workshops:

  • Getting Started with Your Company's AI Strategy

  • Enhancing Creativity with LLMs

  • AI Simulation & Agents

  • Integration of AI into the Virtual Production Pipeline

  • Reaching Targeted + Customized Audiences with AI

  • Superpowering Microbudget Films

  • T2 Remake: AI Filmmaking Workflows w/ Comfy UI

  • Bringing Control to Generative Models

  • Gen AI Tools

  • Infrastructure

  • AI & Advertising

  • AI Film Competition: Cinema Synthetica Case Studies

  • Arti_fiċial Pėrspėctivės by Nate Mohler

  • Live Demos and Showcases by Paul Trillo and friends

This event is sponsored by the leading companies powering the Generative AI boom: Dell, NVIDIA, Adobe, Justworks, Cooley, Otoy, Paramount Global Technology, and FBRC.ai. The event is hosted by Los Angeles Center Studio and Synapse Virtual Production.

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LA GenAI Meetup – 5/13 (Pasadena)

​Join us for a casual evening AI meetup in the heart of Pasadena! This friendly get-together is the perfect opportunity for GenAI enthusiasts, hobbyists, experts, and newcomers alike to connect, share insights, and learn from each other in an informal setting.

Product-Pipeline Fit: How startups can scale in Hollywood – 5/15 (DTLA)

The pre-event, held in the lead-up to AI on the Lot, focuses on the startup ecosystem surrounding AI creative tools.

Our startup showcase - with live demos from a curated group of startups in the FBRC.ai network - highlights tools supporting studio needs related to predictive analytics and studio intelligence, streamlined post-production, and 3D cross-format creation. Our panel dives into the unique value chain for AI content production startups to get adoption, find funding, and scale.

AI LA Responsible AI Symposium – 6/20 (Playa Vista)

​Set for June 20th, AI LA’s 7th Annual Responsible AI Symposium will navigate the ethical frontiers of artificial intelligence amid a pivotal US election year.

The symposium is a call to action, aiming to define key principles and goals for the responsible development and deployment of AI. It is a collaborative platform for imperative conversations on democracy, and the need to confront misinformation, fortify the voting processes, and ensure election integrity.

Be part of the conversation shaping the ethical framework guiding AI's impact on society.

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