You’re invited to AI LA’s 4th Annual Life Summit

Join us IRL or URL on 10/20 at BioscienceLA

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AI LA’s fourth annual Life Summit is Los Angeles’ preeminent hybrid event designed to convene academia, industry, and local government to showcase the latest advances in exponential technologies, discuss healthcare’s most pressing issues, and empower a new generation of data-driven startups transforming the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes.

Join local industry leaders, technologists, innovators, researchers, and investors for a hybrid experience designed to inform, inspire, and motivate others to act toward Value-Based Care and foster more innovation.

This year’s honorary keynote speaker is Dr. Vivek Natarajan, Health AI Researcher at Google.

Dr. Natarajan is an AI researcher in the Health AI team at Google working to accelerate biomedical AI’s translation from code to clinic and scale world-class healthcare to everyone. Dr. Natarajan’s current research spans improving the accuracy, generalization and safety of medical AI using techniques like self-supervised learning, multimodal learning and reinforcement learning. Dr. Natarajan is particularly interested in building large foundation models for biomedical applications. He works on applications ranging from medical imaging to health records modeling and life sciences.

Dr. Natarajan will give an in-person talk on the state of AI in healthcare in 2022, opportunities, challenges, trends, and what to anticipate in 2023, and beyond.

Featured Panels:

  • Ethics & Equity in Healthcare: How Diversity and Human-Centered Design Improved Value-Based Care

  • Synthetic Data in Clinical Trials: What Could Go Wrong?

  • Catalyzing Collaborations with Federated Learning

  • From Population Health to Personalized Medicine: How SDoH and ML are the Keys to Better Therapeutics

Join us in person at BioscienceLA or virtually on Hopin. Visit our event page to learn more about the agenda, speakers, and to register.


If you are a digital health or biotech startup that wants a table to showcase at Life Summit, please fill out this form.